Saturday, January 30, 2010

Member Spotlight: NeonFAZE

Meet Jocelyn of Neon FAZE!

Jocelyn's shop is filled with quirky and colorful jewelry & accessories. She hopes to add clothing to her shop in the future.

1. What school do you attend?

I am currently studying in a college in Philadelphia, PA.

2. What are you currently studying?
I am studying Graphic Design, but I hope to also study Computer Engineering.

3. What types of classes do you get to take? Which one is your favorite, and why?

I've taken most of the basic courses so far, my favorite, I would have to say is English (amazingly, as much as I HATE writing haha), but the English courses at my school focused on some very interesting topics. However, I would have liked to ditch all the papers I had to do -.- lol.

4. What do you want to do when you get out of school?

I really have no idea, I do however, want to end up in New York City :). I would like to work for a magazine, with a graphic design agency, or perhaps go into computers a little more. I also would like to take some time out to travel and such.

5. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Well, I love making things lol, anything really, from jewelry, clothes, bags, websites, photography, drawing (well I'm working on that lol) and the works. I also love listening to music, hanging out with friends and going to New York City.

6. What is your favorite thing about college so far?

I have yet to find out, I would completely say something stupid like the food lol. But otherwise, I would say meeting new people, having classes that I'm actually interested in and the like.

7. How do you manage your school work and Etsy shop?

I opened my shop in December while I was on break, so as of now, I have yet to learn :)

8. What is the best advice you can offer to a fellow college student crafter?

My advice would be as others have said, school does come first. It's what your future depends on, however, I presume your future could depend on your DIY business depending on how well you do lol. But for the time being, school does come first. Also if crafting is a relaxing thing to do, you can also craft in-between breaks when you're studying for a test or exam :) And never overwork yourself. If you feel that your craft is taking over, suspend it for a while, get your head cleared and such and then go back to it :)

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