Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Member Spotlight: Cleaner Science

Meet Sara of Cleaner Science!

Taking a little inspiration from the science lab, Sara makes quirky, scented petri dish soaps!

1. What school do you attend?

Texas Tech School University Health Sciences Center, School of Pharmacy.

2. What are you currently studying?

I’m currently finishing up my first year as a Pharm. D. student.

3. What types of classes do you get to take? Which one is your favorite, and why?

Man, this might take an entire paragraph just to list some courses. Let’s see… Last semester we were taking biochemistry, immunology, anatomy and physiology, introduction to pharmacy practice, drug information clerkship, introduction to clinical immunization and administration, pharmacy practice and education, and drug delivery systems. This semester we’re diving into physiology, principles of drug action, principles of disease, herbals, integumentary, pharmaceutical care, drug delivery systems II and III, and drug delivery systems lab… WOW that looks like a lot now that I put it all in one paragraph lol.

My favorites so far have been biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and pharmaceutical care. Anatomy was amazing because we are one of only about 3 pharmacy schools in the US that also have a gross anatomy cadaver lab. We went to Lubbock every other weekend in the fall semester to have our lab. It was just absolutely amazing to be able to learn from those who have donated their bodies to science.

4. What do you want to do when you get out of school?

Of course, I’d like to become a pharmacist, but I’m still trying to decide on what specialty I’d like to focus on. I’m really interested in pediatrics right now, but in general, I’d like to practice in a hospital setting.

5. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

It seems I have been creating things my whole life! I’ve also been in school my entire life, and I absolutely love learning as much as I can. I also played percussion in high school, and even marched in a couple drum and bugle corps, playing in the front ensemble.

6. What is your favorite thing about college so far?

I just like that college is more versatile and is always interesting. I’m not sure if I even have ONE absolute favorite thing or anything… My favorite thing about pharmacy school so far is the amount of support we all get from each other and from faculty. It is really quite different from anything I’ve had in the past.

7. How do you manage your school work and Etsy shop?

School obviously comes first… and I think my Etsy shop sometimes suffers because of it. I always get orders shipped out very quickly, but I can’t list things until I already have them made… or else I would probably be making soap for like a week straight! So that’s always hard, because I have so many ideas for the shop, but it just takes a little longer than expected to get them going.

I’m usually up super early every day of the week, and I’m lately I've been going to sleep past midnight . I try to get to the post office during the tiny breaks we have during the day. After classes are done at about 4 pm, I’m home again and it seems like I’m studying the entire night. When I have to make some new soaps, the day seems to be quite hectic, and I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running around… but somehow I try to keep cool.

8. What is the best advice you can offer to a fellow college student crafter?

School first, school first, school first! Most important is just to not lose your focus. It’s very hard while you’re selling on Etsy, because you’re usually making things that you’re passionate about. It’s very easy to get carried away.

Word of mouth from friends and family can be so huge! There are also so many opportunities within the college community… use them while you can!

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